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Life in short

Michele Salvador was born in 1974 in Brianza, near Milan. In high school he studies greek and latin. In Brera Academy he merges into the painting course of realistic existentialist Mino Ceretti.
Through strange rounds he entered the Shok Studio. Among the founders of the web agency Studio Bluelettrico, for some years he builds websites. For three years follows the teachings of Patrizio Paoletti. In 2005 goes to London and exalts himself under the stage of Anthony Robbins. So he decides to devote himself entirely to painting.
He attended a seminar by Arno Stern. He flirts with (b)ananartista and Famiglia Margini, with whom he performed in Milan at the PAC even under the guise of Animador. In 2006, he organized the event La cosa più importante (The most important thing), where some portraits are put up in auction. He sings in the chorus of Micene and there he meets Pippa Bacca. In 2007, along with Linda Brindisi organizes a series of collaborative paintings on great round sheet, one of which at the Venice Biennale. In 2008, exposes a series of portraits Pantheon at Abnormal Gallery in Milan. He produces a bit of paintings for Donato Locatelli's Transit.
For three years he lives and works as a painter in the community of Damanhur. Currently he lives in Veneto.

November 2015

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